Monday, 31 October 2011

Hii. guess wht? ;) exam is over ! i repeat exam is over. hehe, so like ths yr i struggle a bit la than last yr. i wnt a good results, i want to make my parents proud of me. i dont wnt to disappoint my parents. i knw i can, tiada istilah 'give up' haha. i will prove it . Amalia boleh, yeyers ! but but ..stll kena strggle 2 bulan cuti nii. oh no, im nt ready yt fr nxt yr ;( its nt like upsr,pmr okay, spm duh. it wll dtrmine everythngs abt my future. yes, i wnt 9 A's. who doesnt ? i want to be a lawyer, i rlly wnt. i dnt wnt it to be only in my dreams. i hope ths wll bcme a reality. Amin ;)

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