Friday, 2 December 2011

Hii, so its obviously been a whle snce i hv updated ths blog, so yeah here we go. i went to grand dorsett hotel fr someone's wedding w my mummy last nght. we arrived thre abt 8.15pm. the best part is when my mom met her friends, and they havent met fr '37 years' . it really suprised me whn my mom told me abt tht, and of course i was like pheww, 37 yrs man ! heh -.- overall, the wedding is nt bad. i love the dessert so much, so yummy , hehe. we rturned bck home around 11 i guess. but i went to my uncle's plce frst, i swear to god time tu dh penat gila nk mati. wht to do, kena ikt juga en. then, we finally reached home at 12.30. aftr i took my bath, i went strght to bed fr sleep. hehe, thts all. bye ;)